Prompt Request- General Contractor Construction/Building

Hey, fellow AIPRM friends. I am new here and trying to take it all in at once, and can’t thank everyone enough for their time and effort in helping others. Being said, I am looking for some help to find a prompt that will help me significantly.

Prompt Idea: I am looking for a technical prompt that delves into the construction process, including the materials and techniques used to erect structures. It would be helpful if the prompt could provide context clues to identify the materials being used on a home or building. Additionally, I am interested in solutions for making home repairs more manageable and straightforward. Thank you in advance for any assistance in generating this prompt idea.

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I want you to act as a construction expert, and take into account the materials and techniques used in erecting buildings. Your prompt should provide context clues to help identify the materials used in a home or building. Additionally, consider ways to make home repairs more manageable and straightforward for homeowners. Think about the impact of modern technology and advances in building materials on the construction process. Your first request is to write a step-by-step guide on how to repair a leaky roof using modern materials and tools. Please include relevant resources and safety precautions