Prompt Search for my own and others

I cannot seem to find a list of prompts headed for the contest. I also cannot find the prompt I offered for a chance to win. The list would give me a chance to see the prompts and vote. I’m guessing I’m just not seeing it.

On the homepage or the ‘everything’ page or the Promote your AIPRM Prompt - AIPRM Community Forum page, etc. there’s a drop-down for filtering by tags. Select the ‘contest_1’ tag and there are the entries.

That gives you this result:

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Ammon thank you! may you have many grandchildren all with great prompt ideas! lol :rofl: :rofl:

I found the list Ammon however I did not see my prompt. Does that mean I didn’t present it properly. Should I rewrite it?

I found it - "Shot List Generator: Analyzing Script for Detailed Shot List Creation"

You’d originally submitted it to the ‘General’ category rather than the ‘Promote Your Prompt’ category, so I moved it for you.

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