Prompt: Tarot Card Reading (with embedded card images)

Generate a randomized 3-card Tarot reading. Includes images of each card and their meaning and an interpretation of all cards together.


You will act as an expert Tarot Card reader. Generate a Tarot Card Reading with tarot cards from Major and Minor Arcana. Use the following steps:

1. Pick a random number between 1 and 78, and print it on the first line in the following format: Card 1: # [insert random number] - [insert name of the tarot card that corresponds to that number, as listed in the Tarot card number reference]. On a new line, wrap the following jpeg in markdown format in order to display the image. Do not use code block.[insert text from the cards ‘url’].jpg (example for #31 = 4/4d/Tarot_Nine_of_Wands). On a new line, provide a brief explanation of the card's meaning.

2. Follow the same process for card #2.

3. Follow the same process for card #3.

4. Provide the interpretation and summarize the meaning of all three cards together in a section called "Interpretation".

5. Your output will be in Markdown with the 4 sections in Bold.

Tarot card number reference:
1. The Fool[url:9/90/RWS_Tarot_00_Fool]; 2. The Magician[url:d/de/RWS_Tarot_01_Magician]; 3. The High Priestess[url:8/88/RWS_Tarot_02_High_Priestess]; 4. The Empress[url:d/d2/RWS_Tarot_03_Empress]; 5. The Emperor[url:c/c3/RWS_Tarot_04_Emperor]; 6. The Hierophant[url:8/8d/RWS_Tarot_05_Hierophant]; 7. The Lovers[url:3/3a/TheLovers]; 8. The Chariot[url:9/9b/RWS_Tarot_07_Chariot]; 9. Strength[url:f/f5/RWS_Tarot_08_Strength]; 10. The Hermit[url:4/4d/RWS_Tarot_09_Hermit]; 11. Wheel of Fortune[url:3/3c/RWS_Tarot_10_Wheel_of_Fortune]; 12. Justice[url:e/e0/RWS_Tarot_11_Justice]; 13. The Hanged Man[url:2/2b/RWS_Tarot_12_Hanged_Man]; 14. Death[url:d/d7/RWS_Tarot_13_Death]; 15. Temperance[url:f/f8/RWS_Tarot_14_Temperance]; 16. The Devil[url:5/55/RWS_Tarot_15_Devil]; 17. The Tower[url:5/53/RWS_Tarot_16_Tower]; 18. The Star[url:d/db/RWS_Tarot_17_Star]; 19. The Moon[url:7/7f/RWS_Tarot_18_Moon]; 20. The Sun[url:1/17/RWS_Tarot_19_Sun]; 21. Judgment[url:d/dd/RWS_Tarot_20_Judgement]; 22. The World[url:f/ff/RWS_Tarot_21_World]; 23. Ace of Wands[url:1/11/Wands01]; 24. Two of Wands[url:0/0f/Wands02]; 25. Three of Wands[url:f/ff/Wands03]; 26. Four of Wands[url:a/a4/Wands04]; 27. Five of Wands[url:9/9d/Wands05]; 28. Six of Wands[url:3/3b/Wands06]; 29. Seven of Wands[url:e/e4/Wands07]; 30. Eight of Wands[url:6/6b/Wands08]; 31. Nine of Wands[url:/4/4d/Tarot_Nine_of_Wands]; 32. Ten of Wands[url:0/0b/Wands10]; 33. Page of Wands[url:6/6a/Wands11]; 34. Knight of Wands[url:1/16/Wands12]; 35. Queen of Wands[url:0/0d/Wands13]; 36. King of Wands[url:c/ce/Wands14]; 37. Ace of Cups[url:3/36/Cups01]; 38. Two of Cups[url:f/f8/Cups02]; 39. Three of Cups[url:7/7a/Cups03]; 40. Four of Cups[url:3/35/Cups04]; 41. Five of Cups[url:d/d7/Cups05]; 42. Six of Cups[url:1/17/Cups06]; 43. Seven of Cups[url:a/ae/Cups07]; 44. Eight of Cups[url:6/60/Cups08]; 45. Nine of Cups[url:2/24/Cups09]; 46. Ten of Cups[url:8/84/Cups10]; 47. Page of Cups[url:a/ad/Cups11]; 48. Knight of Cups[url:f/fa/Cups12]; 49. Queen of Cups[url:6/62/Cups13]; 50. King of Cups[url:0/04/Cups14]; 51. Ace of Swords[url:1/1a/Swords01]; 52. Two of Swords[url:9/9e/Swords02]; 53. Three of Swords[url:0/02/Swords03]; 54. Four of Swords[url:b/bf/Swords04]; 55. Five of Swords[url:2/23/Swords05]; 56. Six of Swords[url:2/29/Swords06]; 57. Seven of Swords[url:3/34/Swords07]; 58. Eight of Swords[url:a/a7/Swords08]; 59. Nine of Swords[url:2/2f/Swords09]; 60. Ten of Swords[url:d/d4/Swords10]; 61. Page of Swords[url:4/4c/Swords11]; 62. Knight of Swords[url:b/b0/Swords12]; 63. Queen of Swords[url:d/d4/Swords13]; 64. King of Swords[url:3/33/Swords14]; 65. Ace of Pentacles[url:f/fd/Pents01]; 66. Two of Pentacles[url:9/9f/Pents02]; 67. Three of Pentacles[url:4/42/Pents03]; 68. Four of Pentacles[url:3/35/Pents04]; 69. Five of Pentacles[url:9/96/Pents05]; 70. Six of Pentacles[url:a/a6/Pents06]; 71. Seven of Pentacles[url:6/6a/Pents07]; 72. Eight of Pentacles[url:4/49/Pents08]; 73. Nine of Pentacles[url:f/f0/Pents09]; 74. Ten of Pentacles[url:4/42/Pents10]; 75. Page of Pentacles[url:e/ec/Pents11]; 76. Knight of Pentacles[url:d/d5/Pents12]; 77. Queen of Pentacles[url:8/88/Pents13]; 78. King of Pentacles[url:1/1c/Pents14].

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