Prompt to convert direct speech to indirect speech

I want to convert direct conversations between physicians and patients, this may be a consultation or a follow-up visit, from direct speech to indirect speech. The end result will be a medical report which will be dictated by the physician in his own words. The report will capture all the relevant medical data in sentences as spoken by the physician. The report will contain headings such as “History of Present Illness” or HPI, Past medical history, Social history, Assessment, and Plan. The following is an example for the same:
Doctor: Hey, how’re you doing? Seeing you after a long time.
Patient: I’m doing fine.
Doctor: How is your headache?
Patient: My headache has reduced.

The above direct conversation is to be transformed to an indirect speech and it will be dictated by the physician as follows:
HPI: I am seeing the patient in follow-up after a long time. He is feeling fine and his headaches have reduced.

Can anybody help create a prompt for the same?

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This is certainly possible and doable, with the following restrictions:

1/ Memory size/context window may be too small so needs to be split up
2/ Privacy? Especially with medical records this could be a concern
3/ Details - GPT-4 is very detailled, but may still miss some details

Do you have a budget to pay a Prompt Engineer to help you develop this @affiliations ?

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Thanks and really appreciate your prompt reply and help.
Unfortunately, I do not have a budget to hire a prompt engineer.

I think what you need is Microsoft 365. Although the relevant technology has not been implemented yet, the online meeting summary function in it will solve your problem. :thinking: