Prompts to write book

has anyone attempted to write a book with Prompts?

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I have three books I’m working on right now, thanks to the AIPRM prompts I found to assist me in working with ChatGPT. Yesterday, for the first time, I found a book on Amazon that I could clearly make out that as a ChatGPT production generated through the AIPRM prompt I used to help stimulate my book projects. It screamed of a “Copy-Paste” effort. I was so miffed in finding it, I decided to write a review. I purposely gave the book a 1-star review (wishing I could have set -1 star). While you can be off to a great start by using AIPRM Prompt “Write a Complete Book in One Click”, you will need to edit and expand on each chapter it generates as well as test chapter and title names. You will also find AIPRM prompts to help you with that.


Yes I have made a couple so far what do you want to know about it?

Good morning! I am from Brazil. On the question “Have you tried to write a book with a prompt?”, Yes, I tried to experiment with some pages, however there is a lot of redundancy, the same ideas are repeated in later paragraphs, in addition to wrong referencing. What, in fact, it is necessary to create is a “user font inclusion folder system” that allows them to write with the theoretical fonts chosen by them, this would be a great advance, since we teachers have to produce a lot unpublished material from theoretical sources, and that takes time. A “prompt” that wrote in an unprecedented way from theoretical sources and in an unprecedented way would solve a lot of things, including the academic life of many people. How can we do that? How could that be?


Hi! Cool. I wrote one book before but I had a publisher. Now I’d like to try it solo end to end. AirPRM has been great for the outline, but it needs a lot of review.
Did you find an app to help you clean it up and get the formatting ready for Amazon hardcover and kindle?
any tips to get it from a google doc to publishing would be great

That’s so true! I’m impressed by how much AI has advanced, but there’s a real risk that we’ll be bombarded with a bunch of generic content that lacks depth and originality. I’m looking for an app where I can format the book for publishing, add images, change the font, make edits and put it it all together. have you found anything good?

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I’ve not been focused on formatting at this point, but I did see AIPRM prompts that provide some help with formatting.

May I suggest that, for formatting and everything needed to publish a book, once you’ve gotten your text from ChatGPT, you try Attitus? It is great and creates everything you need (copyright page, front matter, chapters, images you want, decorative chapter separations, everything), you supply your cover and it will create an epub or pdf of your book for publishing.

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excellent, thank you

I tried it, and even the name of the book was taken from it. The setting I gave was "There are 3 races blessed by gods in the universe: humans, immortals and intelligent robot races. Suddenly one day the gods disappeared. The balance between the three races has been broken, and the situation in the universe has become more subtle.”, and then let chatGPT complete a novel based on this setting. Overall, it looks okay, but it’s very clichéd. My original idea was to write A novel like “Warhammer 40K”, but every time chatGPT can always make up the story very well, later I simply let the heroine cheat on the second male lead, but chatGPT actually made the male lead forgive the second male lead and wrote The ending of the 3 of them continuing their adventures together, this value makes me understand that the moral team behind chatGPT is too strict, or too righteous, but this kind of justice is sometimes a kind of torture for those who watch it.

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I’m struggling to get 'Write A Complete Book In One Click" It only wants to write chapters 300-ish words long. What am I missing? If I click continue it gives me encouragement to keep writing. Am I missing something? I’ve even prompted Write a 3,000-word chapter… but I can’t get much more than 300 words.

You can try typing “and then” and it should apologize to you and keep writing :sunglasses:

Lisa, I use 'Write A Complete Book In One Click" regularly. It’s one of my favorites. The #1 thing you need to remember when using any of the prompts is the current ChatGPT output limits. I’m a ChatGPT Plus user. Here’s my routine: I select the prompt, set the output tone and writing style, and enter a topic. In this example, I used ChatGPT 3.5. I entered “The Most Notorious Ways News Media Attempt to Distort the News” for the working title and sent the command. Each “book” with this prompt usually produces 15 chapter titles with chapter content summaries. I rarely get a complete list of the chapters or all chapter summaries and have concluded that is because output-generation time and content produced depend on the subject being written about. In running my example title, the output stopped at Chapter 10. I pressed “Continue” and ChatGPT continued, producing the remaining chapters, their summaries, and a conclusion paragraph. In my example case, ChatGPT generated the book title - “Unveiling the Deception: The Most Notorious Ways News Media Attempt to Distort the News” and the following chapter names which I copy to Notepad to use in my commands to continue writing.

Chapter 1: Sensationalism in News Reporting
Chapter 2: The Influence of Political Bias
Chapter 3: Clickbait Headlines
Chapter 4: Manipulation of Visuals
Chapter 5: Unverified Sources
Chapter 6: Selective Reporting
Chapter 7: Misleading Statistics
Chapter 8: Framing
Chapter 9: Agenda Setting
Chapter 10: Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 11: Sponsored Content
Chapter 12: Lack of Fact-Checking
Chapter 13: Sensationalizing Crime and Violence
Chapter 14: Lack of Diversity in Newsrooms
Chapter 15: Ethics in Journalism

The next command I entered was “Write Chapter 1: Sensationalism in News Reporting”. The result generated 7 paragraphs of content. I do that for each chapter. Then I review the content generated. Depending on the result, I may run each Chapter title as a separate book (using the Complete Book in One Click) or use another prompt to create an article or report on the chapter topic. I export all the content and import to MS Word for editing. Directly from the Complete Book in One Click prompt, I have also added commands to write a glossary from the book contents and 10 FAQ questions with answers on the contents.

I hope my instructions with example are of some help. Best of luck with your projects.


Thanks @BarbTUSA ! & Count me in for a book review! Your subject matter is right up my alley!!