Purchased AIPRM in iPhone App

Hello I purchased AIPRM in iphone app, and registered with ymail Now I can not login in to AIPRM in the Chrome browser using my ymail account. Do I delete the account from iphone and rergister under gmail? Need help. New user. Thank you


AIPRM does not have a separate iPhone app, yet:

We have been made aware of fraudulent applications that have been impersonating AIPRM in Apple App Store.

Rest assured, we will take the necessary legal actions to protect our rights and intellectual property.

We strongly advise you not to install or use this fraudulent applications, as it could potentially harm your Apple devices. To protect yourself and your devices, we recommend that you request a refund for any charges incurred and report the fake application to the appropriate channels, such as the App Store or your payment provider.

To link your account to AIPRM just follow these steps:

then go here https://app1.aiprm.com/pricing to purchase.

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I purchased a subscription for the Apple App Store - AIPRM - AI Prompts

Is this not your companies app?

What do you conclude?

Hi Team, I upgraded to Premium a/c using the app on my phone. However, when i log into my account on the browser to actually use the premium features, it doesn’t let me because it still reads me as a basic user in browser. I have paid for an annual subscription and I need help with this asap.

See above: