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So far I have understood that the [TARGETLANGUAGE] variable is used to refer to the “Output in” setting. I hope that’s correct.

If I now also want to take over the settings for the view in “Tone” and “Writing Style” as variables in my prompt, how do I do this?

[TONE] ?


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This is not supported.
They are only modified through the account page in (if u have AIPRM Premium),
But can’t be used as variables in the prompt template.

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Thank you @RealityMoez for your feedback. I understood everything. But then I ask from the other side:

Why do I have to specify [TARGETLANGUAGE] as a variable at all. This is also defined in the dropdowns by “Output in”.

I hope my train of thought/irritation is understandable.

btw: at the moment we have a Plus-Account.

Good question, You enlightened me.

Because you may want to specify where you want to instruct ChatGPT to write a specific thing in the [TARGETLANGUAGE]…
Where in Tone or Writing Style generally we don’t think/want to specify where we would put that variable in the prompt, because it would be appropriate in most cases for them to be at the end of the prompt.

Maybe this is a feature that can be implemented in the future,
where we want to specify where we want ChatGPT to write with Tone / Writing Style in the prompt for some prompts’ use cases.
(if you got the idea organized in your mind, you can post a topic in AIPRM Feature Requests)

Then go to the Account page if you want to manage Tone & Writing Style.

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Thnx for answering my questions Muhammad. best ragds & a nice WE

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