[RESOLVED] AIPRM Not Showing Prompts - ChatGPT Outage on August 29, 2023

When I use browser ext to pull up AIPRM the only part that showed up was bottom, is there a fix ? Unable to see any peompts or use site? I uninstalled and reinstalled from chrome store, and nothing changed?See attached photo. And it also show i am on a free account, when i have a paid plus account with Open A.I.see attached photo.


ChatGPT is currently experiencing an outage:

I am experiencing the same at my end.

No workaround for this?

Thank you, appreciate the update.

ChatGPT is down, no.

the whole system is down, they fixed a earlier outage and it happened again.

@Lauryn_Romao, ChatGPT is currently experiencing an outage

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That was an odd period. I had just downloaded my chat data and the site did not show any of my previous chats. I thought the act of downloading took them away until later when they appeared again.