Restrict the visibility of the prompt source for your team

**GOAL= Provide dedicated team prompts without revealing the source prompt

HOW we could do it:

IMPACT for using AIPRM:

Thank you for explaining this, I appreciate it. I know does this so I will use their program. Thanks again for your explanation!

Team prompts or Public prompts in AIPRM are not intended to be hidden for how they are made.

AIPRM Teams meant to provide ease-of-access to the prompts with the ones you know or work with.
If you decided to share your private prompt with the team, why need to hide the prompt itself …
So, they can view the prompt source. (if they are AIPRM Elite)

View Prompt Source is not ‘expose a privacy’ premium feature.

A reason I would like the ability/feature to hide prompt source info is because I’d like to use these prompts in my paid programs for students to use, but not be able to see the source prompt as that would be my IP.


It’s an overhead (maybe impossible in ChatGPT) to make that feature, which is to hide or make the prompt invisible from the prompt user…

One way or another, they will manage to see the original prompt in the chat, and your students can be smart enough to do that (by refreshing the chat page).

But If they couldn’t do that, then your prompt will be hidden from them.
(unless they are AIPRM Elite :grin:)

This is up to ChatGPT of OpenAI itself, as AIPRM for ChatGPT is an extension to ChatGPT,
and can’t manipulate the backend-to-frontend (which is the visibility of your conversation) in ChatGPT.