Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) talks about promises, risks, and fears

ABC did a really good interview with Sam Altman of OpenAI that everyone interested in AI will benefit from. Him talking frankly about his own worries and fears was excellent. Definitely worth the watch.

One thing I keep recalling is for how many years and years people have been calling upon governments and authorities to become a part of the process, to set guidelines and enable safe, reasonable paths, yet politicians have literally ignored it all. The position of politicians on AI and the risks versus rewards? In front of whatever mic offers the best sounding trite soundbite, or in front of whatever camera offers the prettiest headshot of them not even understanding the issues…


Those people deep involved have the best understanding, and thus the biggest worries.

Sam follows Elon Musk in his worries, and I totally understand them.

Most people lack comprehension of the power we have now, and certainly don’t SEE what millions of people do with it. And even fewer are into research and can imagine beyond the next couple months or even years.

Working for months on safety filter will reveal one thing: how bad people can be or think, and how that can be multiplied at ease.

Just like all scientific warnings about depleting earth’s :earth_americas: resources were ignored and talked down somce the 90ies, nobody “in power” will act on the risks of AI.

“In power” meaning the “politicians” that get exchanged faster, and without any accountability, than cheap mass fashion products at H&M and co.

I share their concerns, but I am also sure that humanity will mess this up, as well.

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I was inspired a lot after reading the report. Every technological revolution can always bring about many changes, but the lessons of World War I and World War II tell us a fact: disorderly technological innovation is likely to bring about disastrous consequences. People need an opportunity to adapt to the impact of this new technology, otherwise something similar to the British textile workers smashing the steam loom may happen. Although this behavior does not change the direction of history, it is a warning. . The technological innovation of artificial intelligence has been completed very well at the “opening ceremony”. The 10 billion visits within a few months prove that people recognize this technology, and at the same time complete the “preheating”, which indicates that A future full of surprises is coming. :star_struck:


Your worries are possible, but we cannot avoid the future because we are afraid of the future.

Let me show you a great work, I hope it will make you feel how powerful human beings are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: