Save templates locally and import private templates

Prompt to save templates locally and import private templates (for easy transfer of templates), and the ability to add public templates to personal templates for easy and quick access.

Function Description:
It is possible to transfer the template for reminders to a new account or computer. You can import your private reminder templates into your own template interface.


Diagram of Saving Template File:

Perhaps saving it as a text file would be a good idea:

On the personal template interface, you can batch upload or load private templates.

Ultimately achieve batch transfer

IMPACT for using AIPRM:
Impact of using AIPRM: Different users can share their own template prompts, so that they can verify the availability of templates and facilitate the establishment of workflows among teams when using AIPRM.

This description is still a mix of various features, without explaining the WHYs good enough.

What I believe you mean

1/ Transfer to other computer

Not needed, your private templates are stored in our database and linked to your account

2/ Sharing private templates with (few) others

Better explanation of the use case here

Semi-Private Prompts

3/ Backup

Not needed, AIPRM performs backup

4/ Forking of Prompts to Private?

Read this
Fork a public prompt to a private prompt

5/ Editing in source format? With revisioning in GIT?

Developers may like this, normal users consider markdown a “programming language” already (see Export ChatGPT output as PDF or DOC )

Defining and coding an import/export format is a huge undertaking if you take the biggest problem into account - humans editing that.

100s of potential syntax errors need to be handled ,
AND supported (for years!!) and of course “I did it right, the software is broken” is the typical response from users unable to flow even trivial instructions, let alone the syntax of an export format.

We supported 1000s of customers who were unable to provide a CSV file with 2 columns correct, with example CSV file given. “Technical” SEO people, :rofl:

No thanks, that kind of support headache will not happen in AIPRM.

So I don’t know why we should do all that, and for whom of the 600,000 users and WHY.

Only a few 1000 are using Private Prompts anyways. Will they pay for all this (support) hassle? I am not sure.

This is just a feature that allows you to quickly save the prompt word template to your local device, and it shouldn’t have any negative consequences because manually saving the prompt template is also possible, as demonstrated above, but it’s just too inefficient. (Of course, this operation only needs to be done once and doesn’t need to be repeated. It just makes it more convenient to transfer between different users.)

Another reason is that prompt templates in different languages may not be able to be shared as public templates, so private prompt templates cannot be easily used between different users or teams.

Lastly, the public templates may not meet the requirements, so it may be necessary to write and test your own with your team.

Smart suggestion btw :clap:
(I may be unaware of any consequences of this feature)