Seo and Copywriting Prompts

I tried many of the prompts and all the articles that come out are flagged as ai content.

That may not be a problem, but it is going to depend on what you are producing, and for what purpose.

The search engines are not using AI detection because that’s not what worries them. Google is AI generated. Youtube’s presentation of what videos you see is AI generated. Amazon is AI sorting of user-generated content (Amazon is nothing but a platform and a distributor). How something is generated isn’t interesting to them - what matters is whether what is generated offers enough value to users to be worth indexing and featuring in search results.


If you are a copywriter creating SEO copy for others, they may indeed be using AI detection and caring about it. After all, if they wanted ChatGPT generated content they’d simply use ChatGPT themselves and cut out the middle-man. So if you were passing off AI generated content as your own writing and research, yes, they’d want to detect it, and not pay for it, so detectors become a problem.

You see how that doesn’t change whether the prompt itself is delivering the content though, right?

The one thing I would point out is that Google’s index of existing documents is far, far larger than the corpus of documents that ChatGPT and any of the GPT models they are based on were trained with. What that means in practical terms is that anything GPT was able to write is almost certainly information Google already have indexed, and don’t necessarily need another copy of.

That’s why Google added the extra E of Experience into their E-E-A-T concept in their guidance to the quality raters. Your personal experiences are what can set one set of the same basic facts aside from someone else’s. Adding unique perspectives and takes on the information they know can add value.

Otherwise you are going to have to present the same facts Google already know from millions of other pages in a way that is more useful, or more entertaining to users, giving it a value beyond the repetition of facts.