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seo difficulty how to find out people. how to improve our website?

I started doing (what would become known as) SEO as part of a wider set of ‘web promotion’ activities as a website builder in 1995. By 1996 I was doing more promotional work than web design, and by 1997 (the year SEO finally got that name) I’d shut down the design side of my business completely to specialize purely in website promotion and online marketing.

I explain this so that you can understand that I have 28 years of experience, and thus might understand the enormous importance of me telling you that I have been learning continually, ever since and through those 28 years.

SEO isn’t something you actually learn from an article, or an entire blog, or even a handful of the hundreds of books on the topic. You can learn many things from books and websites, but you will need to personally verify every single one of those things to ensure they are still accurate today (or even if they were never accurate at all).

That’s one (of several) reasons why despite ChatGPT having read huge amounts of documents, it has none of the experience needed to know the difference between the hundreds of popular myths, and the things that actually matter today, some 2 years after the addition of the last files in its training sources.

If you want to learn the basics of SEO, well, let me tell you what I have always considered the basic level of knowledge and experience to even be called a Junior SEO (rather than a complete novice and trainee) - 3 years experience of doing SEO on multiple sites in different markets/verticals. That’s how hard it is to learn, and how long it takes, just to be competent to do SEO as a service, able to work to an SEO strategy (but that Strategy will come from a senior SEO with years more experience, and of dozens if not scores of sites).

So, with all that said, you can dabble and experiment for a few years, reading every source you can find, see what works, and what harms your site, to learn the trade. Or, you can hire someone that has already done that and gained that knowledge. There are literally thousands of SEO agencies that are easy to find (if they aren’t, why trust them to make your site more visible than theirs?).

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