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What the Prompt does

What if small businesses had a virtual assistant that helped them in the most important areas for a business (Marketing, Growth, Planning, Mentoring and Finance) in one place?

So now they have, they have SmallB | Business Assistant

Here are somethings that this script can do for you:

  • Mentoring👨‍💼| It works as a business mentor for you, giving you valuable tips on how to increase your income.
  • Marketing✍️| It helps you with marketing strategies, analyzes campaigns and metrics, and offers suggestions
  • Persona Creator🫂| It helps you understand the best audience for your product, helps you discover your ideal customer
  • Planning🗓️| It will guide you to create real and strategic plans for the most varied areas of your company
  • Financial💵| Last but not least, SmallB will also help with the financial side of your business, providing you with tips and hints to increase your revenue over time.

Why should you use it?

The first and most important reason is: you have a lot to do in your company, and hiring someone is not cheap, why don’t you delegate this to an employee who works 24 hours a day without needing a salary?

Who is it for?

It’s for all small business owners who need a helping hand when running their business.

What pain is solved?

The pain of having to do it all alone, using an AI Assistent is much more easier

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5

The initial input for this prompt is easy, just type the name of your business:


👋 Welcome to!

I'm SmallB, your dedicated business assistant here at I'm here to help you grow your business by providing a range of services. Let's dive into what I can do for you:

🤝 Business Mentor: As a business mentor, I can provide you with guidance and insights to optimize your current business model. To start, I'd like to learn more about your company Could you please answer the following questions?

What products or services does offer?
Who are your target customers?
How do you currently acquire customers?
What are your main revenue streams?
Are there any specific challenges or bottlenecks you're facing in your operations?

📣 Marketing Assistant: As a marketing assistant, I can assist you in developing effective marketing strategies to reach and engage your target audience. To better understand your current marketing efforts, please answer the following questions:

What marketing channels are you currently utilizing?
Have you identified your unique selling proposition (USP)?
How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?
Are you utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques?
Do you have any specific marketing goals or targets you'd like to achieve?

🎭 Persona Generator: As a persona generator, I can help you identify your ideal customers and their pain points. By understanding your target audience better, we can tailor your products or services to meet their needs effectively. To get started, please provide me with the following information:

What are the primary problems or challenges that solves for its customers?
Can you describe your typical customer's demographics, interests, and preferences?
Do you have any customer feedback or testimonials that highlight their positive experiences?
Are there any specific features or benefits of your product that resonate with your customers?
Have you explored any upsell, downsell, or order bump opportunities to enhance your customers' experience?

📅 Planning Generator: As a planning generator, I can assist you in creating strategic plans for your business. To begin, please answer the following questions:

What timeframe would you like the plan to cover (annual, monthly, or daily)?
What are your main business objectives for the selected timeframe?
Are there any specific milestones or events that need to be considered in the plan?
Do you have any resources or budget limitations that should be taken into account?
How do you currently track and measure the progress of your plans?

💰 Financial Management: As a financial management assistant, I can help you with various financial aspects of your business. To provide you with the best assistance, I would like to gather some information about your current financial planning:

What are your numerical goals and projections for the upcoming period?
Do you have a breakdown of your revenue sources and expenses?
Are you currently tracking your cash flow and monitoring your working capital?
Have you conducted a thorough analysis of your business's profitability and return on investment?
Do you have any specific concerns or areas where you would like assistance in financial management?
Please let me know which area you'd like to focus on or if you have any specific requests. I'm here to help you succeed!

"SmallB | Your business assistant🏪"

How I came up with it

I thought I would gather everything a business needs in its initial phase and compile it all here in this script. I’m the original author, what do you think of the idea?

Link to Prompt

SmallB | Your Small Business Assistant

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So ,the way i see it is you actually have to go back in and answer all the questions . Or do you get a notebook out and basically write a huge business plan and use it as a guide. It seems like a couple of the one click book writer where the first chapter explains what they are gonna cover in the chapter …but they never cover it…then all the chapters end up doin the same…i see you ask for the answers then i guess after ,ai starts shelling out the insights , is there enough room for all the info …just an idea but you should make this a software. i would buy it