[SOLVED IN] AIPRM UI broken by ChatGPT Update August 16, 2023

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yeah a lot encounter suddenly…hope a fix is done soon.

whenever I start ChatGPT he does not show a AIPRM prompt and hi show a message the Could not load the prompts lists. please help me

yes i am facing the same issue and the prompt generator is going above and not showing any results

@RealityMoez did a good instruction video for developer installs also


RC1 removed - we found problems and will publish an RC2 soon

Hotfix - v1.1.8.16 RC2 - for AIPRM UI currently broken due to the ChatGPT Update on August 16, 2023

This is a release-candidate for the fix prepared,
that is still in testing.

You can do a “developer install” if you would like to help us testing and report issues found in the thread here, or to @aiprm-tiborb who made this possible so fast.

AIPRM-for-ChatGPT- (252.1 KB)


Please give me help!!
I don’t know why I couldn’t use AIPRM and ChatGPT. What’s problem? Could you tell me everyone??
Advance Thanks


Why isn’t the AIPRM extension working with ChatGPT? I’ve tried everything to fix it - I’ve disabled all my extensions, tried logging in with a different browser, uninstalled and reinstalled the AIPRM extension, updated my browser, and cleared cookies, among other things. Yet, it still shows the error “Could not load the prompts lists.” Can anyone help me figure out if the problem is on my end or if it’s a server issue? Also, does anyone know how long it will take to resolve this issue?

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This fix is temp? If we install once there is any update will auto over ride it or need to remove it and reinstall from official site?

AIPRM blocks the display of ChatGPT un chrome and under edge windows ans linux

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No, once Google decided to publish the fix, which can take 1-2 days or even longer, you would need to remove the temp fix and install again.

Can’t access my prompts again. What is going on with your development team? Can they test the changes before turning them on? It is impossible to work like that when you see these errors every second week.
Screenshot 2023-08-16 125654

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geee so what the suggestion for us? Install the temp fix first or wait ? Thanks.

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what if it is the same, but chat gpt isn’t loading the prompts, in no browser? and I have paid subscriptions, for what?

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Same with me, I paid instead of using it fully I just lost, who is gonna compensate my time

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I am having the same problem. It was working yesterday without issues, but today (16/08/2023) it’s broken and cannot load in chatGPT.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling; I turned off all other browser extensions, and it’s still not working.

I am seeing these 2 errors when AIPRM tries to load into chatGPT:

Could not load the prompt lists.
Could not load messages.

This is very frustrating; I had work to do today.

Please help.