[SOLVED IN] AIPRM UI broken by ChatGPT Update August 16, 2023

AIPRM UI is currently broken due to the ChatGPT Update on August 16, 2023.

You need the new version, which will be automatically updated for most users.

You can update it faster yourself
HERE for Google Chrome or HERE for Microsoft Edge

More details in this topic


Could not load the prompts lists. Something went wrong, please try again later.

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just like this.
Who can help me?

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hi community,
today i opned my chat gpt and login again it show you chat gpt prompts are AIPRM installed already in chat gpt account let me know how can I fixed them

AIPRM is not working in ChatGPT anymore. I tried reinstalling the extension, logged out, and logged-in to GPT, yet the same issue. Its AIPRM UI is not even visible.


yea a lot encounter suddenly…hope a fix is done soon.

CHAT GPT AND AIPRM on Google Chrome has a bug and it is not working. I have tried everything, uninstall, reinstall, removing various extensions etc. I’ve tried multiple users and other computers, same problem exists. It’s been 4 hours and no indication of a fix.

to be honest, with this amount of time being down, after upgrading to USD29/month, seems unreasonable. Are there any fixes to this very inconvenient problem.

I am also facing the same issue. Tried all the steps but the prompts is not showing on chat gpt screen. Anyone Know what’s the problem?

Prompts in chat Gpt are disappearing from this morning although chat gpt works well when APRIM is Deactivated


I too facing this same issue

Screenshot showing what I see, I’m not sure what to do here? Scrolling back up doesn’t fix it and reloading chrome doesn’t either.


I also having the same issue

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I PAID THE YEAR IN FULL, what are they doing to assist us? We should get an extra month or our money back - NO?