[SOLVED IN] AIPRM UI broken by ChatGPT Update August 16, 2023

yes, i have an attachment file of screen recorder but whenever i try to upload. system says “Sorry New User Cannot Upload Attachment”

Please send it by email to hello@aiprm.com

When on “NEW Chat” I dont see the templates, prompt chat is on the top instead of bottom. when I generate a prompt it’s generated on the right side where I cant see/access it. this was not a problem prior to the latest august update.

See above

I just remove “AIPRM for ChatGPT” from chrome extensions, and reinstall ,just ok for me

Hello, I have a problem with the box where you enter the prompts. When I start AIPRM on ChatGPT, the box is suddenly on top (and not on the bottom as it normally is). When I enter the prompts there, they are not taken over and there is also no response from ChatGPT. Also all old chats are suddenly no longer displayed. If I deactivate AIPRM, everything is normal. What can I do to make AIPRM work?

Please refer to the solution above:

I already updated it but it doesn´t change. The box is still on the top and it´s not possible to get any answers of ChatGPT.

Please follow these steps to uninstall and reinstall AIPRM, and make sure that you have the latest version

It is still not working for me with opera. Chrome works again since today, but only after I reinstalled the addon. Kind of frustrating, usually I never have problems with opera addons and I consider this browser to be superior.

Thank you for the developer install and the clue you gave about it… Its all working great

I can’t make use of my templates. please help me to fix it, thanks

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

I’ve reinstalled AIPRM & have the latest update version and still not working… I dont see any promts. ANY UPDATES on when this issue with AIPRM not showing the prompts will be fixed???

Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing issues. Please send more details, including a screenshot and screen recording with a visible browser developer console (press F12 and select Console), to hello@aiprm.com.

I opened chrome this morning and launched chat GPT to find AIPRM wasn’t loaded. I opened up the extensions to see it wasn’t there. I ended up just going to the chrome web store and installed it again and all was good. So just wanted to let everyone know incase it happens to someone else.

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