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What the Prompt does

The prompt enables the generation of a script for any given speech requirement for the user. It also encapsulates necessary emotional and tonal intonations to aid the speaker in delivering a great speech to his/her/their audience. Whether it is to congratulate someone, thank, motivate, or address a political gathering, or a eulogy, this prompt will help you ace it.

Why Use This Prompt

Most professionals, businessmen, politicians, government employees, and students are expected to deliver speeches often. Impromptu speeches are fine, but not great. Users can miss the opportunity to make a great speech when the situation demands one.

##Pain Point addressed

Usually, a great speech is often aided by a strong script. The speech lifecycle of writing, proofreading, verifying, practicing with emotions and tones, and delivering, is a long process and consumes time.

This prompt saves a significant amount of time for the user during the initial stages of the speech lifecycle and enables one to focus more on practicing and delivering.

It is also a great prompt for any impromptu occasion, where the user can just read off the output after verifying the information, thus saving considerable time and face.

Example Prompt Output GPT 4o

3 minute speech on the need for Discipline to a gathering of teens in a school.

`### Speech on the Importance of Discipline for Teens
Good morning, everyone!
Today, I want to talk to you about something incredibly important: discipline. Now, I know when you hear the word “discipline,” you might think of rules, restrictions, or even punishments. But I want to show you that discipline is much more than that—it’s a tool for success, self-respect, and achieving your dreams. [PAUSE]
[EMPHATIC] Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. As the motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Without discipline, our goals remain just dreams, and our potential remains untapped. So, why is discipline so crucial, especially at your age?
[QUESTION] Have you ever found it hard to balance your schoolwork, hobbies, and social life? Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused or motivated? [PAUSE, LOOK AROUND] I see a lot of nodding heads. That’s normal. Teen years are full of new experiences, responsibilities, and sometimes, distractions. This is where discipline comes in.
[ANECDOTE] Let me tell you a story about Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. When he was cut from his high school basketball team, he didn’t give up. Instead, he used that disappointment as motivation. He woke up every morning at 5 AM to practice before school. His discipline, dedication, and relentless practice turned him into a legend. Imagine what you can achieve with that level of discipline!
[QUESTION] How many of you have a role model you look up to? Maybe a parent, a teacher, or even a celebrity? [PAUSE FOR HANDS] One thing common among successful people is discipline. Steve Jobs once said, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” This means that behind every success story is a history of hard work and disciplined effort.
[STORY] Think about Thomas Edison, who failed over a thousand times before inventing the light bulb. Each failure was a lesson, and his disciplined approach to learning from those failures led to one of the most significant inventions in history. Discipline isn’t about not failing—it’s about not giving up.
Discipline helps you in various ways:

  1. Time Management: Being disciplined helps you manage your time effectively. When you plan your day and stick to your schedule, you can accomplish more and feel less stressed. [PAUSE]
  2. Self-Control: It teaches you self-control. This means making the right choices even when it’s hard. For instance, choosing to study for an extra hour instead of watching TV. [PAUSE]
  3. Building Character: Discipline builds character. It makes you reliable, responsible, and resilient. These qualities will serve you well throughout your life.
    [QUESTION] Who here has ever felt proud after sticking to a tough routine or achieving a difficult goal? [PAUSE, WAIT FOR RESPONSES] That pride comes from knowing you had the discipline to push through challenges. It’s a powerful feeling, and it’s something you can experience more often with regular discipline.

[EMPHATIC] You have the power to shape your future. Remember, discipline is not about being perfect—it’s about making consistent efforts towards your goals. It’s about being the best version of yourself.
To wrap up, I want to leave you with a quote from Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” [PAUSE] Make discipline your habit. Start small, be consistent, and watch how it transforms your life.
Thank you!


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Disclaimer: ChatGPT can make mistakes. Check important info.

How I came up with it

As a professional, I have encountered multiple situations where I had to make speeches within a short span of time. I felt that I could have delivered a better speech in many such instances, after the fact. This prompt, hopefully, will help me or anyone like me who needs to give speeches for various occasions, whether it be in a professional setting or personal.