Stop auto scrolling [UNCLEAR]

GOAL we want to achieve:
Setting to make it stop from auto-scrolling

HOW we could do it:
add a simple toggle function in the settings menu, “auto scroll down” on and off

IMPACT for using AIPRM:
Removes the annoyances of always having to scroll back up, since 80% if not 100% of time you need the functions the top bar provides.

While waiting for more votes on this feature, may I introduce you fine people to the Home key? :grinning:


But I think it’s not only about returning to the beginning of the page, it’s also would be good If I was in a specific position on the prompts list while browsing, and I forgot and pressed the Public tab again (or wanted to go purposely for another tab and return back), would feel bad then…

Of course.
made a short one: Screen Recording 2023-04-20...

Good one, wanted that before, but I was lazy :grin:

As we can see from the discussion it’s not clear what is meant by
“stop from auto-scrolling”

It could be solved by just switching the number of Prompts

Or just CTRL-Wheel to change the font size.

@AndersJPG please elaborate and/or make a video of what you mean

(I never scroll up, after I’ve adjusted rows + font size)