Strange effect on current agent

Ok so I have made an ChatGPT agent for my online community, I have fed this agent loads of content from my site, courses etc to have it answer how I would answer and in the right tone of voice. This all worked really well, above expectations really.

In order to make this process more efficient I thought of implementing and using the AIPRM extension. I use my agent primarly for answering questions or welcoming new users in my community. These questions can be repeating.

So for the problem, since using (or installing) AIPRM I noticed a decline in the performance. Suddenly the answers where not like I would have said them. Also the language went back to English, as it should be Dutch.

Is it possible ( I assume it does now ) that AIPRM is causing this problem? If yes, how to overcome it?

Asking the agent self it states it currently has no access to all the uploaded content but just some parts, can anyone confirm? And if yes when will it be solved?

Thanks for reading!

You can try toggling the AIPRM extension on/off to see if it affects the generated content.

AIPRM provides you with various settings that you can use to alter the output such as Language, Tone, and Writing Style. The language may have changed due to the selected “Output In” when you tried to generate content. This can be set to default or a different language based on your preference.

With AIPRM Premium plans, you can further customize the results by having access to all available tones and writing styles, or even adding custom ones (Pro plan or higher).

You can also set custom profiles with AIPRM to ensure consistent results from the generated content.

Feel free to visit our Getting Started Guide to learn more about AIPRM.

Regarding the uploaded content, it is possible that you have selected a different custom/default GPT. Note that you can only upload files through custom GPTs which are used differently depending on the task and files uploaded.

thank you for your elaborate answer!

When using the default version we get a default answer. When using the custom agent with AIPRM we get an off answer, or not one as we are used to. Like proposing something we would never propose. When turning off AIPRM it gives a better answer.

Next step will be to exclude AIPRM fully from the browser extensions to see what will happen.

Hello, It depends on the selected prompt template, writing style and tone. Do share screenshots or screen recordings to help us understand the issue and guide you accordingly. Thanks.