Subgroups please

@admins Hey guys I’d like subgroups with a moderated and unmoderated switch and if moderated a way to designated moderators or volunteer. Actually more of admin is better because you guys moderate and would rather have the admin focus on content and interaction. My one first request is to set some up around Prompt Engineers. Prompte engineers as you know are people who ger paid to engineer and create prompts. I’d like multiple thread in the subgroups. In this care wannabe engineers, engineers for hire, active practicing engineers, engineer job board, marketing area to help wanna bees get gigs or full time jobs, faq, water coolers, prompt engineering in the news (content feed via RSS feed from Google alerts. Please share with @aiprm-christophc please note. BTW I know someone who can help companies looking to hire prompt engineers and help prompt engineers find jobs. Brilliant caring woman I know very well.