Switch to AIPRM for ChatGPT Popping Up!

Every time I open the chat GPT page, I keep getting the Switch to AIPRM for the ChatGPT prompt popping up. I’ve already got the premium Chrome extension added why do I keep getting this popup?
I even switched over to it but still keeps prompting me. Is there an issue or something wrong on my end?

Read it carefully. If the version you have is the extension named “AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT” then that is the old and deprecated version of AIPRM that is being discontinued. The official version going forward is “AIPRM for ChatGPT” (note no ‘premium’ in the name). All the reasons and details are explained in the screenshot there but mostly make sure you are NOT confusing “AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT” with “AIPRM for ChatGPT” and thinking you have the right version installed because you have a Premium Plan. Make sure, and double-check that you have the right version going forward.


Thank you Ammon, you’re right there. I didn’t remove the premium extension thinking that was the one I needed. It seems to be working now.


Happy to help. I know how easy it can be to miss a small detail.