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i didnt expect to end this sub so fast, i was expected to get excelent service
well, they did good job to reply but im not satisfied with their answer

Sorry to hear things didn’t match your expectations.

Honestly, and meant in the most helpful ‘life lesson’ way, I think the problem lies mostly with your expectations. Those expectations seem to be rather self-centric, or what today’s generation call ‘entitled’, and lack somewhat in being realistic expectations.

You have posted a couple of times asking how to cheat on your college work. As if you believe the education system was set up as something to be cheated through, without understanding that doing the work is where all the actual learning comes from. If you don’t want to do the work, just quit the course, allowing someone who actually wants to learn to have your place.

But you can’t do that because you want the diploma/qualification, right? The paper signed by an authority that said you did all the work. You probably want that diploma so that you can convince an employer that you did the work so you can get a better job for more pay. You’d be pretty annoyed if the college diploma said that the AI had passed and done all the work. Especially if the employer then wouldn’t employ you as a graduate.

Thing is that’s a crime. It’s called ‘Fraud’. Trying to trick an employer out of paying for something that is based on lies and deception. Risking the reputation and integrity of the authority behind the certification to do so and putting their future on the line. Your ‘expectation’ is that people will not just accept this, but will be happy to help you do this.

That expectation is an odd one to have considering one of the primary rules of the forum here:

My strong recommendation to you is that you go to college and actually learn to do the homework. It isn’t a barrier, it’s not just arbitrary tests. It is an education system with the sole purpose of teaching people. Getting others, human or AI, to do the work for you is simply going to mean you don’t learn, and leave you mentally weaker than all the millions of people who actually learned, and earned their certification.

Of course it will be harder, and require some effort and sacrifice. You’ll find that ‘doing the right thing’ usually does.

This advice is for your benefit. I don’t get one bit less educated if you fail to use your time in college properly. I’m not going to be the one hiring some unqualified kid (for the brief time it takes to spot he doesn’t have the skills his certification claim) if you carry on as you are. I have nothing to lose by you cheating, and nothing to gain if you get smarter and learn. Only you, (and those you cheat), have any skin in the game.

Agreed, and adding that
we have no record of business or communciation with that person @moderators
at least not with this Email.

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