The Content Economy

Any student of economics, in regard to anything, understands the law of supply and demand. It is the basic underpinning of all economies. The more demand there is for something, and the less supply of it, the greater the value of that thing becomes. Conversely, the more supply of something outstrips the demand for that thing, the further and further devalued it will become.

Now apply this to the economics of content.

For years the supply of ‘content’ in general has massively outgrown demand. More and more people become ‘content creators’ to increase the global supply, and not only does demand not grow at the same speed, the fact is that as people switch to creating rather than consuming content, the demand diminishes.

This was an issue long before the arrival of generative AI producing content, but the arrival of such has accelerated the effect exponentially. For no cost anyone can turn to AI to generate more content, on pretty much any topic, than they could ever consume or need or want.

The market has absolutely no need for you to get the exact same AI they can use themselves to output content. The only possible value your AI generated content can have is if you included data and information in the prompt that they would not have had access to for a prompt for themselves.

Think hard about that absolute and inescapable truth.

Consider it before wasting time on having AI generate an article, or a book, from a simple prompt with no explicitly stated data that the AI trained on millions of documents doesn’t already know.

Because if you don’t think on this, if you don’t find sources that the AI itself couldn’t generate, you are wasting time creating a supply of something with zero demand, and only accelerating further the default value of content.

Bear in mind also that more and more people are not reading content for themselves, but are instead asking an AI to read it for them and just give them a TL;DR summary.

Spend your time on developing some unique data, perspectives, or approaches to content that AI cannot come up with (yet) on its own. Because just as AI is now creating code and programming, it can even more easily come up with prompts. Prompt writing will be one of the first skills replaced by AI, except where exceptional insight, creativity, and unknown to AI data is involved.

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