The global human incentive system

Nobody talks about this:

We humans didn’t even manage to establish a workable standard for identity verification in 2023.

Human identity verification is a critical ingredient we will need badly with upcoming advancements in AI.

There are fancy solutions in Denmark, Estland, Austria, and other small countries around the world.

But who builds a custom integration just for a few small countries?

The leading(?) countries (US,UK,DE, for example) have nothing like that.

Banking systems would need that too, instead of demanding a fricking “utility bill” to “validate” a residential address.

The efforts required to validate a humans existence are immensely manual and error-prone, and I understand that for the sake of automation, Twitter “only” uses a phone validation plus card payment… relying on some 3rd party factors that can be automated, also for the US.

The problem is not Twitter trying to simplify.

The problem is that our administrative systems are at the level of the 80ies, or older, in many countries…

And the identity solutions in more innovative countries?

All home baked, building a special integration for such a small % will never happen.

Stripe Identity, for example, promises to solve that, but it is super expensive, just like the whole KYC process of banks is super expensive and complicated.

Not everyone needs to work on AI, we need to bring basic human infrastructure to modern levels.

These goals have been followed by some countries for 20 years now. Can you believe it?

Electronic signature is still seen as exotic, not even accepted in some cases. Paypal/Luxembourgh comes to mind, even ignoring EU wide EiDAS legislation from 2014, recently.

A law that is in place for 10 years, not only not executed, or terribly, by many countries, is in effect for, even questioned by some.

Our problem is not AI outperforming humans. That’s not hard given the mess we created.

Our problem is that there are no incentives to “do it right.” not for humans, and certainly not AI.

It is a quite systemic issue, not related to AI, at all.

Who is working on our global human identity system, and our global incentive system?


NB many countries have elecronic ID solutions for “their” governmental services and tax office, of course. That’s dubbed eGovernment since the 90ies, and also makes sense. But it has been 30 years, and no global improvement for a global world and international agencies, or companies, is even being discussed afaik.


If e-government is adopted, we need to establish an AI autocratic system to supervise, otherwise it is easy to lose wealth at will.