The Jewish Orcale - answers any question with a question

I am new to this group. It’s very exciting.
Check out my first prompt - a “Jewish” orcale that replies to questions with further questions.

I designed it based on a guiding approach (and a Jewish teaching) that prefers to ask leading questions over giving advice or preach. I also I felt that the stanard ChatGPT is sometimes to eager to jump to the answers and I thought some questioning on behalf of ChatGPT would be usefull.

I tested it using personal questions and I feel it did a better job that the regular prompt.

What do you think?


Welcome and thanks!

I think some examples would be great.

Look at this good example by @RealityMoez

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We are living in times where people often go out of their way to seek outrage where none was intended. For this reason I’d suggest that using ‘Jewish’ is only going to invite outrage that you could probably best avoid by simply naming it “A Better Question” prompt. That particular naming avoids issues, plus I have a rather personal attachment to that philosophy, given that a person who since became a somewhat ‘famous’ Google representative wrote me a testimonial once that said “What I love is that you don’t just give answers to questions, you give me better questions”.

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Thanks I changed the name

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Adding examples would also be helpful.

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