The Light and Shadow of getting to over 250,000 users with AIPRM in six weeks

This post was orginally posted on Linked/Facebook on Feb 21.

We have reached over 250,000 users with AIPRM in six weeks, which is fantastic. But it’s not all shiny and cozy.

I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-Shirt. Link Detox 2012 and 2013 had a similar viral distribution.

Although it took a LOT longer, it was much slower to get even to 40,000 users.

But the dynamics of success were similar.

Measure your success by your haters is true like it was years ago.

Where’s light, there’s shadow.

If you think having viral success means everyone kisses your feet, you’re delusional, esoteric, and spoiled by the mass media and romantic novels about startups.

In the last decade, I’ve spent a 6-figure amount on legal and related fees to protect my business and even my personal life from bad actors.

On day number 3, we already filed for our AIPRM trademarks, and knowing well that some people don’t know about trademarks or don’t care, we registered over 150 domains as a protective measure.

Still, yesterday, we took down one domain that infringed on our mark and the ChatGPT mark. Gotta love the ignorance of some of those “successful online marketers” that don’t know jack about the basics. No, this time, not all of them were in the UK like last time with LinkRisk.

We’ve also banned over 200 users from accessing the services of AIPRM in an unauthorized way.

We took down copyright and trademark violating “port” of our intellectual property because some bad actor decided to rip it off “for the greater good” and publish it.

We have download platforms faking a “Window install” and doing whatever they please to poor users believing that’s a “genuine download” as they falsy claim it. They now only get exposed to all the spam and ads but install some virii with that stuff.

And then there are all sorts of “hackers” and “crackers” and “SEOs” that spend their time trying to cheat in our in-app rankings or copy&paste other people’s work and promote it as their own - because there’s a lot of traffic to win when your Prompt Template is popular in AIPRM.

We’ve implemented a full-blown duplicate-content detection for Prompt Templates now, using the math that search engines also use or used, and a couple more things—detecting Prompt Templates as the canonical sounds familiar.

And then there are, of course, a lot of users who have yet to learn about how ChatGPT and LLMs work and have all sorts of interesting questions that we tackle in the AIPRM Community.

It certainly isn’t all visible, all fun, but one thing is sure - and different from ten years ago’s success.

No opinion matters, or “no fucks given,” as some may call it.

People never read what you write, so quality guidelines were automated. Prompts are deleted upon violation without warning. Style guides enforced.

(Most) People never say thank you.

And free users have exceptionally high demands and expectations.

The only worse than a $2 customer is a free user.

In all these years, I learned that even well-meant advice is always rubbish, helpful to start thinking about a topic, at best. No person has all the information you have as a founder.

In a time-critical, fascinating ramp-up phase of such a viral success, especially not.

I’m very cautious with every step I take. In AIPRM, but in general, with AI becoming mainstream this year, every hour or day spent wrong matters.

I’m also questioning every decision made and change it quickly if I believe it’s wrong. While I have a very broad vision for the future of AIPRM, every new days ads useful details to that.

Some people see a “Japser SEO Writing Tool for the Browser”, but I see a Marketplace for the hottest and most important skill of the future: Prompt Engineering.

AIPRM is not just a fantastic replacement for all those tools that cost 50, 100, or 500 $ per month to churn out content for SEOs.

AIPRM is a tool for everyday tasks, writing to your lawyer, colleagues, and friends. Or those boring legal takedown notices. Heck, you can use it for so much.

Or you can type 700 words like this post when you’re in the flow.

But let’s face it - lots of our text output could be more inspiring and fun, and you’re certainly not in the flow when you’re doing repetitive things.

We are still very early, and I was even earlier. AIPRM was created out of the frustration and annoyance about all those trivial one-liner prompts I saw every “expert” push while I managed my prompts in large text files.

Every day someone comes with a comment that tells me - oh, you have tried something more advanced in ChatGPT. Congrats.

That’s what AIPRM is - it’s an AI Enabler, helping simple people utilize the power of AI using fancy prompts - with just a click.

AIPRM is a network, a marketplace for Prompt Engineering Skills, not a dull SEO content tool.

AIPRM is the Prompt Engineering Community I wanted to join, and so I built it.

The journey has just begun.

Buckle up, ignition.


We’re at ca. 440k today - guess I need to prepare for that 500k User update soon.

15 days later from 200k → 400k+ users

If most don’t say it I’ll say it again: THANK YOU! :raised_hands:t4: AIPRM is teaching me and others how to write high quality prompts. We are Prompt Engineers in training which is not something I would have thought possible without AIPRM.

As a teacher, I wanted to automate the course outline and lesson plan process because it takes so long to come up with. It took me 8 tries but after following the guidelines step by step I was able to get One Click Course Creator published.

Now I have over 1k upvotes and I’m on the front page. This is so exciting and at the same time I’ve experienced the haters too. Just means this is a great product.

I’m teaching others how to write high quality prompts ready for publishing. Also how to use the one click course creator to create a course that supports the use of the prompt.

This has been life changing! Thank you thank you!