Troubles getting access

I have been using the free version even though next day when i try to use the chat gpt in my browser i need to log in again or change the vpn conetion because is telling me that i have been block and too many question in one hour, or give a wrong an incoherent answer and idk what is it. Always I have to close and open again the chat.
What other solution should i use ?

Limits on usage are an OpenAI issue, a completely different company to AIPRM. The limits are there, especially on the free access, because otherwise the system couldn’t cope with the sheer volume of users, and usage, all around the world.

The solution is that you have to choose. If you want to continue to pay nothing then however much, or little, access they allow you is free, a gift, and you have no right to complain. You’ve gotten something for nothing, which is way, way, way better than getting the nothing you paid for, right?

Alternately, if you need more access then you could pay for ChatGPT Plus (from OpenAI) that gives you more access, and a higher priority when there is contention. It’s a very cheap investment if you are able to make any use of your access at all.