Troubleshooting AIPRM

You may have come to the community because you’re experiencing issues with OpenAI or ChatGPT that have nothing to do with AIPRM or AIPRM Premium. That’s understandable, they are moving fast and breaking things, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

First, let’s take make sure your issue is with AIPRM. Try disabling and enabling AIPRM using this handy extension suggested by @Pat_Vojtaskovic and see if that makes a difference.

If the issue still persists with AIPRM disabled, then you can join the discussion about ChatGPT issues.

However, if disabling AIPRM solves the issue, it could mean that there’s likely a conflict with other non-AIPRM extensions. Not to worry, we can still resolve this! Simply try disabling all other extensions except for AIPRM and test again. If it works, then you have a conflict. Please refer to our thread on extension conflicts.

We want to make sure that all users have the best experience possible with AIPRM, so if you do come across any extension conflicts, please note that we cannot provide support, testing, or endorsements for other extensions used in parallel with AIPRM.

If you do have an issue that is caused by AIPRM, please refer to our documentation or contact support.

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