Trying to find a specific prompt . .


I’m following Garret’s video " Small Business, Big Moves: Harnessing the AIPRM & ChatGPT Power Combo"

I’m trying to do the same steps he is and at the 23:52 mark he is using a prompt called “Write and Email Marketing Campaign”. But I can’t find that prompt. Is it public? I’ve searched on several different variations and it doesn’t come up. I can write my own but wanted first to do it exactly as Garrett does it.



Hi Jack, here is the prompt template you were looking for:

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Thank you!!

Was I searching for it the wrong way?

You’re welcome! Perhaps a typo, but I’m glad you found it now.

Can you share a link to the video please? Thanks!

Hello Jaime,

I found the video a good starting point. There are a LOT of AIPRM videos on their YouTube channel. I’ve been going through them and have learned a lot.

Good luck with it!