Trying to understand "premium"

Admittedly, I’m a newbie to ChatGPT so I’m trying to understand the game. Today, I just paid $20 for ChatGPT 4. I logged-in to AIPRM and now I see there’s a prompt to pay $20, for the features I thought I just paid for. I hate surprises. Being a “newbie” in any field, well, that’s the worst position to be in, I get it. Understand, there’s no free lunch and I expect nothing from anyone. I just want to know what to expect and what my financial commitments/costs are. My question is: do payments for AIPRM cover ChatGPT or are those two separate charges (ie, $20/mo for each)? Appreciate your understanding, thanks.

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These are separate charges, separate companies.

ChatGPT is operated by OpenAI Inc.

AIPRM is operated by AIPRM, Corp.

AIPRM, Corp. is not affiliated in any way with OpenAI Inc.

Any complaints regarding the service ChatGPT can be discussed in the AIPRM Community Forum for that but can only ultimately be solved by OpenAI Inc.

Any purchases made OpenAI Inc. are unrelated to purchases made with AIPRM, Corp. and vice versa.

Got it, thank you!
If I sub to AIPRM, does that include prompts for ChatGPT4 (there’s a drop-down for 4 in AIPRM)?

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Yes, GPT4 prompts included.

Switching between models is an OpenAI feature, in ChatGPT Plus.

FYI Currently all prompts are shown for all GPT3/4 versions, but this may change in the future if we need prompts
specific to one version.