Unable to load previous and current chats

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve been using AIPRM since june last year
2 days ago I was prompted to try out “Explore GPT’s” so I did.
Ever since then I can login Chatgpt, I see AIPRM coming up, I see my history chats but I’m unable to load them. Also any chats I had after that ‘try out’ I am unable to review back.
It gives the error message “Unable to load …” and then a unique sequence.
I tried reinstalling AIPRM, didn’t work

Any pointers on what I need to do now to solve this?

Please note that AIPRM does not alter or affect your chat history in ChatGPT.

Moreover, AIPRM and OpenAI are separate entities. ChatGPT is operated by OpenAI Inc. while AIPRM is operated by AIPRM, Corp.

If you are having issues accessing your chat history, we recommend contacting the OpenAI Support Team directly.