Upgrade Plan Problem with payment

Dear Founder,

Ive got a little problem for payment for upgrade plan, i cant apply stripe in my country because there are no list for my country (indonesia). i just have paypal & credit card for payment. how i could get an update feature/plan ?

do you has any solution for my problem?


It appears that Indonesia is available on the Stripe checkout page:

At this time, we only accept credit cards as a mode of payment for AIPRM subscriptions.

If you are having issues selecting your country as you fill out your billing address, please send us screenshots or a screen recording of what you see on your end so we can assist you further.

You may also contact us by sending an email at hello@aiprm.com.

Owhh i see. because i just try to created account in stripe before and there is no my country on the list. thanks alot Miguels. i will try it

You’re welcome! You can simply purchase your preferred AIPRM subscription using your credit card from this page - Plans & Pricing - AIPRM for ChatGPT. There is no need to create a Stripe account. Keep us posted if you still encounter issues. Thanks!

ive already subscribe but after ive paid for 1 years ive got pop up discount coupon SPRING24 :smiling_face_with_tear: can i got this price for the next year? thanks

Unfortunately, it is not technically possible for us to retroactively apply a promo code to any existing subscriptions.

Please stay tuned for similar promotions next year when your subscription is about to expire. You can then cancel your current subscription and resubscribe anew with the then-available discount code.

If i have cancel my current subscription. it will be refund the rest of my payment? because i ve paid for 1 years not for 1 months. thanks

When a subscription is canceled, it remains active until the end of the current billing period that you have paid for. This means that you can still use the premium features that come with your paid plan until the end date of your annual subscription.

We also want to reiterate that AIPRM does not offer refunds. This is stated in the billing terms you agreed to when purchasing.

See also: https://www.aiprm.com/legal/terms-billing/#6-no-refunds