Upgraded to Elite and Paid $552 for Annual subscription But system wont let me in

On JUne 23, 2023 I upgraded to Elite and opted for the $552.00 annual offer. That was a very bad decision. AIPRM Accounts have acknowledged receipt of my funds but have not issued and login details. Ive made numerous requests to have the problem rectified and those requests have been ignored. Can someone suggest a way to get through the people who can fix this. My case number is 3642. Thanks Paul Rasmussen

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So, you know how you had to be logged into an account to upgrade it… It’s the same login details, because it is the same account. This is why it is called ‘upgrading’ the account.

If you managed to sign up with a different email account and Google login to the one used day to day, there are several pages explaining how to change this, with even the briefest search of the forum or site turning up several, such as:

While it isn’t exactly a ‘common’ mistake compared to the millions of users, it is far from entirely unknown, and the site provides clear instructions - https://help.aiprm.com/hc/en-us/articles/13899045311633

If you still have problems following the very simple steps, pop an email to hello@aiprm.com

Thanks but the problem is I get a daily notice to say I havent paid the $20 from my previous subscription which was stopped by the Bank when they issued me with a new card. So in the intervening days between the old card being stopped and a new card being issued I paid AIPRM US$552 directly from my Account. They have acknowledged receipt. So whilst Im well aware what an upgrade is, my very point is where is my upgrade? THey haven’t issued one to me. However, they have advised that its on my account, which it is not because if it was they wouldn’t continue with their inane practice of asking for the US$20 every other day. Their demand for the US$20 is in fact acknowledgement that they have not upgraded my account. What they have done is prevent me from using it altogether.

That certainly sounds like a problem, given that AIPRM don’t process any transactions themselves and rely entirely on a third-party credit card processor that offers (according to many published complaints) no other way of making payments. I think you may need to check with your bank exactly who got the money, because as I understand it (not an employee, just well aware of how third-party payment processors work), it wasn’t AIPRM.

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To fix the notifications issue regarding the $20 subscription, there is only one way to cancel a subscription, because of the third-party processor as explained. That’s published here: https://help.aiprm.com/hc/en-us/articles/13777008954129-How-can-I-cancel-a-subscription-

Instructing the bank simply not to pay the rightful bill that you signed up for, and didn’t cancel in the way agreed in the contract, might seem to you to be effective, but it results in repeated failed transactions for both the bank and the processor, and can involve charges and costs for both. The eventual outcome is usually the payment processor applying negative credit scoring to your credit cards.

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Paging @aiprm-christophc and/or @aiprm-tiborb have you any awareness of this case, has this user filed anything with support outside of this forum, and is there anything you’d add to this matter?

Hi,Ammon, THanks for your assistance. AIPRM have confirmed they have received the money I sent. I have an email from them to that effect. All they need to do is give me a way to access. And for what its worth, I didnt cancel any payment, the bank changed my expired card. I did not make the next payment of US$20 because I had already paid the upgrade and that I seriously regret doing, I just cant get over their pure obstinance of saying yes we have your money and then failing to act in accordance with the contract. Also I paid by bank transfer because I thought they would be honourable people and I wanted to rake advantage of their offer. Had I waited until the cards arrived I dont know if the offer would have still been live. It appears though that would have been the better option because now I’m just locked out. That is an especially harsh reality because one would think they might treat people who buy a preium offer and pay up front, not monthly but fully up front…but obviously not, Thats evidenced by the guy who came on before saying " While it isn’t exactly a ‘common’ mistake compared to the millions of users, it is far from entirely unknown, and the site provides clear instructions - https://help.aiprm.com/hc/en-us/articles/13899045311633

If you still have problems following the very simple steps, pop an email to hello@aiprm.com " I mean talk about insolent???!!!

You wrote:

Is this “cancelling your account, yourself, through the billing portal”? Yes or no will do fine.

I don’t know exactly how your bank cancelled it, but in my experience, they just usually stop authorizing the payments.

Meanwhile, as really clearly written before, the only approved way to cancel your subscription is to log into billing and cancel it. Did you do that and check that the subscription itself was no longer marked as being active? You know, just to check the bank had got it right.

You wrote:

Cool. I must have missed that screenshot. I genuinely didn’t know that could even be done, as my understanding was that the payment processor can ONLY accept credit cards, and others have frequently stated the same. However, as stated, I am not AIPRM staff, nor do I work for the third party billing company.

So, as I said very clearly several posts ago, you need to communicate with AIPRM support, who I presume you are already in an exchange with since you said “they confirmed receipt”. That way you can talk about specifics, such as email accounts etc, which I very much suggest you NOT do on a public forum.

In the public forums all we can really do is give you generic advice that does not compromise the security of your accounts, such as log into your account, check billing, see what plans you are subscribed to. If it is not there, it is not on that account, and you need to contact support directly and privately.

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Hi, What do you have to do to connect your Elite Account? I have disconnected and reconnected 2 dozen times. And here 6 weeks after paying $552.00 I still have no access. My Account status is the same as a free plan. What do I have to do to connect because I have had no help from Accounts except saying yes you’ve paid. Why isnt there a connect button on the invoice where it should be. OR why cant accounts connect me if the system wont do it???
Paul R

Hi Paul, we apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing. Our support team is already in contact with you via the support portal. We value your patience.

Hi Tibor, I dont know where they contacted me. I cant see a reply in my email. Everytime i reconnect to AIPRM I still cant access my elite status. This happens after logging out and then performing the instructions to reconnect. You have a look at my account and you’ll see it is a basic connection only. I think the issue has something to do with the fact that I submitted the payment by Direct Transfer and not be credit card. THerefore I could not follow the Upgrade path and thus the system wont let me in. The thing that upsets me is its almost 2 months since I paid the US$552 and I haven’t had a day’s connection yet.

Ammon, Since you dont believe I paid you the $552.00 and since you said your company doesnt accept payment any other way than bvia your payment processor, could you explain the attached receipt from AIPRM showing I have an active Elite Account. You might also notice it contains no email address. So that being the case how do you expect me or the system to log in anywhere. The fact is I cant log in because you guys have not provided a pathway to enter. No dod you provide an email after I paid you which should explain how to log in. Its just plain wrong the Ive been locked out. And plain wrong that I get ignored at every request. How is it possible that you think im trying to screw you over when your your company has issued a receipt. That’s not logical and again nor is it fair. See the image of the receipt attached

Paul Rasmussen

I know for a fact that you didn’t pay me, Paul, because I don’t work for AIPRM, am not an employee, etc. I’m just a Moderator of the forums, at Christoph’s request (Christoph is at AIPRM), unpaid in any way and completely independant. :grinning:

My wonderment at the payment options was literally that - wonderment. The payment processor that is used here (a renowned third-party processor) is known for being quite strict and fussy about the payment methods they take, so hearing them be more ‘flexible’ was a genuine surprise.

But anyway, important distinction that I try to make clear in the words “Non-Staff Moderator” right next to my name in every post. Not my company. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, Tibor there is an employee at AIPRM, and may even be the exact person who would have contacted you directly. He’s a very hard-working and diligent chap.

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Ammon, Im very sorry. I hope you’ll forgive that transgression? Ive been trying to sort this for almost 2 months to no avail. Do you know anyone who can help me at AIPRM. THey keep saying to follow the disconnect reconnect route but Ive done that countless times and I get nowhere. Because I paid via bank transfer the system simply wont recognise that and they wont recognise that I have a problem about getting onto AIPRM. Its so bloody frustrating. Its probably the most expensive thing ive signed for and not being able to use it is a challenge to put it mildly. It cant be all that hard for them just connect my account and I cant figure why they are being so recalcitrant about it.

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Most of the systems are heavily automated, Paul, and it is almost certain that the account is already connected, just perhaps not the right account, etc.

One issue, of course, is that we are not talking about software that simply runs on AIPRMs machines and you simply log in to those, but rather a browser extension, that is all powered and working locally, on your machine, via your browser, which collects data from AIPRM to verify accounts, and from you as the browser operator, and from OpenAI to receive and process the prompts, etc.

Problem-solving and troubleshooting in such circumstances is kind of like trying to do complicated open heart surgery over the radio on a patient one cannot see, nor see any of the data for/from, other than what you yourself describe. And then having to advise the user on how to perform each part of the procedure. :slight_smile:

What I’d suggest is carefully going through your spam folder to find the previous emails from AIPRM’s support team, as that’s probably what has happened there. Also, you should probably ‘whitelist’ any emails from AIPRM, whether or not you can find the earlier ones, so that future attempts don’t get deleted automatically the same way. Establishing that line of communication directly is priority number one, as only then can the support team ask any questions that might risk your security, or the integrity of your accounts, to talk about on a public, indexed by Google, web forum.

Can’t do that surgery over the radio if you don’t even have the radio communication, right? :slight_smile:

Remember that the systems are working just fine for literally tens of thousands of users, and being all automated and computerized, the system follows the same programming the same way every single time. It is not a case of fixing the system, in such cases, but rather, finding out what has caused an exception in your specific set of circumstances yet isn’t affecting all those thousands of others. There’s nothing ‘random’ about computers (in fact, just getting a computer to generate effectively random numbers is extremely tricky to do). Everything about computers is that they follow instructions precisely every single time.

That means you have to be an active participant in helping to do the detective work of figuring out what’s so unique and unusual about your particular situation and usage. Go find those emails and open the communication channel so you can help the support team to find out what’s happening in your specific case. I think we can imagine that this is just as frustrating for them if they’ve sent you a dozen emails so far and you haven’t responded to any of them, right?

Paul, I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’ve been experiencing. I’d like to assure you that we’ve constantly been responding to your requests, and remember you confirming that “you are now in” in July.

It seems that there may be a little confusion surrounding your payment method. As per our records, your payment was processed via card (visible also on your screenshot above).

Sometimes, emails may incorrectly end up in the spam folder. Could you kindly check both your main inbox and your spam folder for our responses? I’ve just sent further details through our support portal.

We really value your patience through this process and rest assured we’re here to help.

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Hi Tibor, Thanks for your reply. I have received your emails but the content within them gets me nowhere.

Re The Credit Card: When I sent the funds to you my bank had cancelled my card due to suspected fraud after the card went missing from my wallet. This is evidenced by the fact that they wouldn’t honour the US$20 payments that were due. I decided not to do anything about those missed payments because AIPRM kept writng emails to me asking for payment. I didn’t exactly ignore the payments but i did write to say I wasn’t going to pay them because on June 22 I paid you for the upgrade. I assumed that who ever or whatever did your debtors ledger would see my account had been upgraded and the logical thing would be that they’d change my status to Elite and stop writing to me accusing me of not paying you. But that didnt happen. You kept writing emails demanding $20 and I answered some of them and then ignored them. In some replies I said my status was not upgraded to elite but that fell on deaf ears and it still does.

Now getting back to the bank Firstly you have acknowledged I paid you $552. I can tell you I didnt use the card because I didnt have it to use. I can see the account is marked paid by Visa and I know my account was debited AUD$882 so I think that happened because I used Osko to facilitate the transfer. I certainly did not use your payment page…thus I couldnt upgrade. I thought you guys woukld do that when you received the funds.

I have no email from you acknowledging you received the money other than one sent much later acknowledging you did get it. I also received no welcome email and again the emails saying you havent paid us are evidence of that.

So you might be wondering why I didnt wait and pay you when the new card arrived. The re


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ason why is simple. I didn’t want to risk missing the summerelite deal you were running.

That was a mistake on my part and one I wont make again. However, with that concession, I think you guys have not acted in good faith because if you had done so you would have connected me. After all I’m sure I read the Elite status conferred special service. Also I can see why people would be trying to scam the system especially with so many people joining. However, you have to ask yourselves this this…If someone says they have paid and persists with that claim and your books clearly show I have paid … why cant you connect me.

I have had the Chrome Extension since I joined AIPRM. If you look at the images I sent on August 15 the most pertinent 2 are the one that says I am on the free plan and the one that invites me to sign up for elite. Why on earth would i have those showing when the billing page say Im in Elite. That is a contradiction if ever Ive seen one and its your fault not mine. And by saying your fault Tiboe I do not mean you personally. I mean its something at your end not mine. Further, its a problem that should not continue now that you are aware of it. Of all the possible solutions posed, I have been stymied along the way. Not one worked.

Also I must say that its an absolute pain in the neck and elsewhere having to sit and write this explainer email and having to prove this over and over.

I hope you can help get it sorted!



It appears that there is a misunderstanding here. Based on our records and the provided screenshots, your AIPRM account has already been successfully upgraded to the AIPRM Elite plan. However, the “Upgrade to Plus” button in the sidebar is related to ChatGPT Plus provided by OpenAI, not AIPRM.

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