My account was downgraded from Elite to Premium without information

I have supported AIPRM since its launch and by now I am frustrated.

The communication is not effective. It is a back and forth.

I have received repeated requests that a direct debit is not working for an account I had cancelled.

I have in fact switched to Elite.

So I emailed them to ask why they kept asking me to pay for the account I had cancelled when I was paying for Elite.

Today I find out that my new credit card details, which I had deposited for the Elite account, have simply been deleted.

My account has been downgraded to Premium.

Any communication by email is futile as I receive no reply to my question.

As an early member, I am disappointed that I do not receive an answer to my question but my account is downgraded.

I have not experienced the kind of communication from any AI tool provider. Too bad.

I am considering leaving altogether.

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AIPRM just don’t have the resources, time, or inclination to become their own Credit Card Processor. If there is an issue with a card, and it is declined by Stripe or other third-party, then that payment doesn’t get through. Your bank should notify you of anything like this, and it should certainly show up on all of your billing and statements.

From the AIPRM side of this situation, you simply stopped payment and thus the service also stopped being renewed.

I cannot speak as to why your payment was declined by the third-party credit card processor, any more than I could know why you switched from an already accepted credit card to one that got rejected.