What happened to the automatic prompt splitter?

My prompts aren’t automatically splitting anymore? Any idea what is going wrong?

AIPRM for ChatGPT does not offer the “automatic prompt splitter” feature.

Really? I have old saved prompts from AIPRM that used to do this "Act like a document/text loader until you load and remember the content of the next text/s or document/s.
There might be multiple files, each file is marked by name in the format ### DOCUMENT NAME.
I will send you them in chunks. Each chunk starts will be noted as [START CHUNK x/TOTAL], and the end of this chunk will be noted as [END CHUNK x/TOTAL], where x is the number of current chunks, and TOTAL is the number of all chunks I will send you.
I will send you multiple messages with chunks, for each message, just reply OK: [CHUNK x/TOTAL], don’t reply anything else, don’t explain the text!
Let’s begin:


And it would do it when I put in a prompt that was too long. Was this some other extension?

perhaps you were using either


I figured out what it was… :upside_down_face: superpower chatGPT… it’s a definite time saver!