What industry has adopted generative AI the quickest? 💡

Everyone is going AI crazy right now (including me) and rightfully so. As technology evolves, various sectors are harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize their operations. This got me thinking, who has been doing the best job of this? I’m wondering what everyone else has been seeing on a macro level out in the wild.

:pushpin: Question: What industry do you believe has adopted generative AI the quickest and most effectively?

:thinking: A few things to think about:

• Which industries do you believe have shown exceptional agility in integrating AI into their processes?

• Have you witnessed remarkable AI-driven advancements in any particular sector?

• Are there specific use cases or success stories that highlight rapid AI adoption in a particular industry?

• How has AI impacted the efficiency, productivity, or customer experience in these industries?

• Do you foresee any challenges or considerations that arise from accelerated AI adoption in certain sectors?

As always, let’s keep the conversation respectful, insightful, and fun! Interested to see if there are any surprises that pop up and what industries I may be overlooking.

Well, Jasper is pretty obvious, given it is a purpose built content generator by OpenAI that predates ChatGPT, and then Search Engines, obviously. :grinning:

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I believe that customer service sector of any industry has had the most remarkable AI-driven advancement.
I mean… I remember back when you automatically got a hold of a human when you called your bank. Those days are long gone now haha


Im in the marketing field and i think AI has affected my industry the most
It’s sad to see when people are taking advantage of how much work-load they could be relived of.
We spend no time trying to brainstorm new idea anymore,
Just use the tool to help us out with that.
More money and time spent on the things that need our human attention. cha-ching.

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  1. Are there specific industry-related prompts that would greatly benefit you or your small business?
    Answer: I have trained an assistant who specializes in writing copywriting, and it has been specialized and obtained through repeated reward revisions. Now she is very skilled in writing copywriting for the products I sell, and has completed all aspects of product introduction. automation. I now often only work for 10 minutes a day, and then use the rest of the time to learn new knowledge and understanding.

  2. Are you looking for prompts that focus on specific marketing strategies, content creation, or customer engagement?
    Answer: Likes are the key, not tips. This is where the value of the tips is reflected. But I prefer to train myself, which will give me a sense of conquest and accomplishment. When I find that the copywriting or video I like When the pitch is particularly high, I analyze every aspect of it: the copywriting style, the music, the pacing of the video, even the volume. Then quickly refer to this example to produce other product introduction videos. Of course, I will fine-tune the styles of various aspects to make the videos more diverse.

  3. Are there any niche-specific prompts you’d like to see that cater to your unique business needs?
    Answer: I am very happy to see it, because it will make it easier for the emotions to resonate with the contacts, but I think that few people will dedicate their achievements and let their peers kill themselves. I remember that I once said: Consecration is based on a sense of security. If what you get is doomed betrayal, then very few people will choose stupid loyalty.

  4. Are there particular AI-powered prompt functionalities or features that you believe would be game-changers?
    Answer: Developer Mode

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The true AI pioneers LOL

My Mom usually just sits there feverishly pressing the 0 button until she gets a human on the phone. :joy:

I hear you. I think at the end of the day the people who will win in marketing with generative AI are the people who use these tools for some of the more tedious day-to-day tasks and free up more time for creative thinking and innovation.

Only 10 minutes a day is huge! It frees up so much bandwidth to think of new creative ideas.

I love that you mentioned training yourself as well. Practice is more often than not the best teacher. It’s so easy to get stuck in the “research” phase, but when you really start taking action that’s when the learning REALLY begins.

Yes, action is the key to everything, and being brave to try is a good start. Recently, I am assembling a live broadcast room powered by chatGPT technology to complete an efficient live broadcast sales process. If successful, it will save a lot of live broadcast costs.

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