What is the concept of how AIPRM works?


I want to understand the concept of how AIPRM works.

Correct me if I’m wrong: the extension fills in the template with specified values for variables and a given prompt. It then uses the filled-in template as context for ChatGPT, similar to the “system” instruction in ChatGPT API usage. Once the template is filled in, the chat will have this template as context for the whole user session.

Most of the work done is in the template, then it uses this template as a prompt (“User prompt” - not like “System Prompt” in API) with your used input to that template, only the template is hidden from you to see, but ChatGPT sees it as one time prompt (if you used the template once in a single convo) - not like “System Prompt” where the model sees it every time it responds - that’s why it may forget the instruction which you told it to do in a certain convo length limit.

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Thank you for the response! So, once the limit is reached, I need to start a new session or repeat my instruction explicitly, right?

Let chatGPT enter the role better, and now chatGPT has updated the “continuation” function, so you can more easily obtain the content you want