What is this all about and how can i use it to make my daily life better

I’m as fresh as I can be on this platform I’m just looking for someone who can explain it to me as simply as they can because English is not my first language
what im looking for is that can i use it to write down books summary in form of script which i can use later to make videos if it is possibel im all ears

Hello Abdur. AIPRM for ChatGPT is a premium browser extension enhancing ChatGPT with features like over 4k public prompt templates, writing style, tone, and language settings. Learn more here: Features | AIPRM
We have available prompts for book summaries. You can check this on the link below:
Prompts - AIPRM for ChatGPT
Alternatively, you can also create your own prompts that fit your specific needs. See: Getting Started with AIPRM
See also: How to Create a Prompt | AIPRM
How to Use the AIPRM Prompt Wizard

thank you soo much it was really useful information and u were very kind too
I watch all of the videos and I tried to built my own prompt for book summary which I can further use to make videos but a notification pope up every time which says that I have to have 5 up votes to on my previous prompt to make a new one but I have not made one yet can you help me out

The number of public upcoming, team, or private prompt templates that you can save is determined by your plan.

What does Public Prompt Upcoming mean?

An “Upcoming Prompt” is a prompt that you published, that has not the minimum of 5 other users who upvoted it.

Usually you can only set 1 prompt to public as “Upcoming Prompt” and have to wait for it go win 5 or more votes.

In higher plans you can set more Prompts to public.

What are Private Prompt Templates?

You can save prompt template for your private use. The higher the plan, the more private prompt templates you can store and use.

You can also purchase a plan multiple times, or combine different plans, and the limit will accumulate.

For example if you have a Plus Plan and Pro Plan you can store the sum of the number of Private Prompts for both.

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