What kind of prompts would be most valuable to you? 🤔

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:pushpin: Question: What kind of prompts would be most valuable to you?

:thinking: Here are some points to consider:

  • Are there specific industry-related prompts that would greatly benefit you or your small business?

  • Are you looking for prompts that focus on specific marketing strategies, content creation, or customer engagement?

  • Are there any niche-specific prompts you’d like to see that cater to your unique business needs?

  • Are there particular AI-powered prompt functionalities or features that you believe would be game-changers?

Share your ideas!

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I’d love to see more segmented versions of MidJourney prompts. I play around with that tool a lot and struggle to get exactly what I’m looking for each time. The tool doesn’t always operate intuitively and despite using some of the best descriptive words, the output doesn’t match my intention.


Prompts most valuable to my business are the one that organize data! Its great being able to feed in analytics to ChatGPT and it accurately spit out the info into an organized segmented chart! More Prompts for that, in ways i have yet to even imagine, is what i find most valuable for what i do!


Love this one.

Midjourney is already super powerful. The perfectly crafted prompts would unlock a whole new level for image creation and assets.

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Oh yeah, this is where it’s at!

Getting ChatGPT to organize and clean up data with accuracy is a challenge but it can free up SO much valuable time.

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Great callout Sophia!

Especially as the various tools integrate with powerful plugins, the capabilities and functionalities of the technology will continue to make us more effective at out jobs.

AIPRM is perfect for helping to shape the prompts that we’ll use for those cool functions.

Compiling reports and data
Pulling quotes out of documents
compiling timelines about events etc


Timelines for events is one I’d never thought of. That’s a gem :gem:

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Id like one that asks it to open itself at 9am and work til 5 :slight_smile:


The ultimate prompt!

I found this super cool AIPRM prompt for visual content generation that gives youa diverse selection of options for the same type of image and it blew my mind the first time i used it. It produced visuals I would have never thought of.


thanks for telling us

I am looking for prompts about Cooperatives…

For me it would be prompts that help with text content for websites, scripts (for videos), maybe an image generator I use (the free version) leonardo.ai. It works for me, for me to get use to image generation (from text). I understand they are all businesses but for those who don’t have the $$$$… So for me "the best article prompts. What would be great? A article prompt that I could just put straight to a Wordpress blog/site.

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Great call.

Prompts for consistent output for website content and things like scripts would be super helpful. I know there are some out there already, but a fine tuned prompt for more consistent outputs would be a lifesaver.

Wordpress Prompts that can analyze your site and login as the Wordpress-admin to help you complete web pages, articles, menus that connect to pages etc.

The better way to do that would be a wordpress plugin with API access to GPT. Prompt is coming at it from the wrong end. It’d be like trying to put on a pair of jeans by crawling up one leg. :smiley:

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Ha! Ammon. I almost spit out my water. That gave me a great visual. Thank you so much for your reply. Is there a specific Wordpress plugin you would recommend?

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I’m not the person who’d be interested in such a plugin, if it exists.

AI will always, by its very nature, create derivative, formulaic content. The exact kind of content that Google’s “Helpful Content Update” was built to penalize sites for having much of. Automation is a powerful tool, and thus, like a chainsaw, or wrecking ball, or a mechanical earth-mover, that powerful tool deserves great respect for how dangerous it can be, and all the potential for things to go disastrously wrong if improperly used or managed.

Be both careful and strategic about when and why you use AI or automation. Most especially, have AI work to make you better, rather than to replace you, or replace your need to learn a skill to the point where it is effortless.

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Great advice! Thank you so much for this great guidance. Much appreciated.

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