What plan should I pick?

I can see there are 4 different paid packages.

I am interested in getting access to affiliate prompts.

For example prompts where I can create “Best Hairbrush for Curly hair” and then tell the prompt to pick 5 different specific hairbrushes to include.

Any recommendations on what to pick - I am not picking the 500 dollar one - I cant afford that one :slight_smile:

There’s no difference in the prompts you have access to between the Free Plan and the Titan Plan. From the Pro Plan up you do get a list of which of the available to all prompts have been tested, checked out, and approved for reliability by AIPRM staff (that’s Verified Prompts), but those are still the same prompts that free users have, just without you having to be the one testing which ones work just as expected, and which ones might not.

The biggest differences in the plans are about the features - particularly around how many private prompts of your own creation you can save, or the number of public prompts you can release as ‘Upcoming’ which is where you have to wait for the prompts to get 5 upvotes before they are no longer counting on your quota limits.

If you’re serious about the affiliate business, don’t expect that someone making great money off their prompts is going to have shared them with people who might use them to rival and compete with their own earnings. Your earnings are going to be based on coming up with better prompts than the tens of thousands of other people using their own prompts for affiliate site content right now. For that reason, you probably want a Plan with enough Private Prompt quota that you can do a lot of creating and testing of your own prompts - at least 10, but the more you have the more experimenting, tweaking and perfecting you can do without having to share with everyone.


Thanks, Ammon - I am learning here :slight_smile:
I just bought the 20-dollar plan, and will see where it leads!


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