What to present for the contest

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Hello GPT-loving community!

Here is my contribution to help, even the slightest bit. I apologize for the English, because I am Brazilian.

I put together an assistant to help those who are in doubt of what to present for the contest. I did 10 tests and all of them went well.

Here is the link to my AIPRM Prompt to be used to help you: Prompt "Aiprm Contest Assistant" by "Guilherme ABC Ishie" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

And here is a link to how it worked: https://chat.openai.com/share/6cc9b761-d88d-4f85-b4f4-45dbf881766c

Unfortunately since I am a Free user of the platform (AIPRM), it will be my only contribution to this contest. But if it helps any digital entrepreneur to do well, I’m happy to contribute with you!

Good luck to everyone and I hope I’ve helped you!

Thanks! ♪♫

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