Where is AIPRM Premium?


I’m watching the “Getting Started with AIPRM” video. The fellow keeps referencing AIPRM Premium but when I look at the Plans & Pricing page I see heading for Plus, Pro, Elite and Business. Where is Premium?

Also, he jumps right into prompt writing. Wouldn’t it make sense to an intro to the home page? There are several headings: Favorites, AIPRM, Public, Own, Hidden and Add List. May be a quick explanation of what those mean??




Thank you for sharing your confusion here. In the Getting Started video, by ‘AIPRM Premium’ the speaker has referred to all the payed plans. Each of the plans has different limits for each of the functionalities discussed in the video. You will find the details in the pricing page - Plans & Pricing | AIPRM

You will get more information regarding Favorites, creating own listing from the mentioned below tutorials -

  1. What are Favorite, Hidden or Private Lists - https://help.aiprm.com/hc/en-us/articles/13832858129553-I-can-only-create-3-custom-lists-in-AIPRM-Pro-What-are-private-favorite-hidden-lists-
  2. How to Favorite a Prompt - How to Favorite a Prompt | AIPRM
  3. How to Create a List - How to Create a List | AIPRM

You will find more tutorials from How to Get Started with AIPRM - AIPRM Tutorials

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Thank you! Much appreciated!

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