Why aiprm is not working on chatgpt?

I am upset that this tool is not working today, this tool is very help full in my website and I am also happy with this tool.

We’d need more info. I mean, with over 1 million users the extension itself clearly works for almost anyone, so if not working for you that’s a very rare situation, and thus likely to have a similarly rare cause.

Obviously, it is a Chrome extension, so you need a Chrome browser and we assume you have that. What is unique or unusual about your set-up that might cause a situation that hundreds of other people don’t encounter?

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The only extensions I have are Grammarly capital one and Klarna. Don’t see why they’d conflict. I did turn them off. I uninstalled and installed several times.

Then it almost certainly is NOT a conflict of extensions. What kind of device are you using, what operating system, what country are you in, do you have any kind of firewalls? Those are the kind of things likely to be possibly unique.

A MacBook 2013, no special firewalls and in the US

Okay, this next question is important - did you install your AIPRM from Google’s Play store, for Chrome? I ask this because there’s a fake AIPRM, a very poor piece of crap trying to leverage the name, available from the Apple store, for IOS, which is a fake. There’s legal action ongoing against them. The real AIPRM is only available for Chrome.

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It’s working now, thanks mate


Great to hear - what was the issue?