Why am I unable to log in. I am an AIPRM paid subscriber. Tonight I cant log in

Unable to log into my paid AIPRM Chat GPT account
Will AIPRM give me back my money if I cant get in

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Are you seeing any kind of error messages, or is it just totally unresponsive to any attempt to log-in, like it hasn’t loaded?

it is saying my Ip address is different. This is the IP address it is showing:
Time: 2023-03-30T05:14:59Z
URL: Webinar: Becoming a Kidney Health Coach - YouTube

Access DENIED.
How to fix this.

Could it be someone hacking me from that IP address? If it is all you sleuths out there here is a case to solve.
It is frustrating because I have come to depend on ChatGPT and this happens often. I cant get in

What’s the relevance of the URL? We can’t support router or networking issues that stop you accessing Youtube or the Internet. This forum is solely about AIPRM and its uses for better AI prompting.