Why do you want my birthday?

hello team, i just signed up for the offical connection of AIPRM to chatgpt, and was somewhat concerned that you are wanting my DOB!

why is this so?
i have never experienced that before!

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We will use it for Age verification, self reported still, but less intrusive than “real ID verification” like with banks KYC.


Its actually quite intrusive to ask this. Exact DOB can be used to answer security questions and hack accounts. I did refuse the linking for this exact reason and I encourage other users to do this as well.

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You do not really need this info imho, you do not fall under any KYC law

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Except if you have a dodgy motive on the backend - please drop this requirement, its absolutely disproportionated for the service you offer given the risks of hacking. Of course the info can be modified in the google account. but this info itself, even erronate, can serve as a security answer for Google accounts. It cannot serve the purpose your mentioned as it is self declarative, therefore it cannot be a real mean to verify age…

Not everyone will have that concern. Rightly so.

I mean, it would be utterly insane to give all your billing details, plus everything needed to charge a credit card, (name, billing address, contact details, and often more) but then worry that they might know your birthday… :rofl:

Honestly, if you doubt that you trust a company, the absolute last thing you should EVER do is install software from them. Just a simple browser extension can potentially report every page you view, screencap and send it, key-log, and much more. AIPRM make clear they don’t do any of that. But if you don’t trust them with your DOB, then why would you trust that they are keeping their other promises. That would be literally insanely irrational and illogical.

Like, you need to be one of those types who believe a secret cult of lizard people rule the world, and faked the entire space program levels of tinfoil hat nuts.

Fact is, if this surprises people it means that most trusttee platforms / addons / sites dont ask for this permission. There is nothing crazy about being cautious. As i said this is personal data and as much as i want to trust you i believe asking for a dob is excessive and shouldnt happen in the context of aiprm. Nothing justifies it. The addon is not even age restricted. In combination with other innocent info date of birth can help take control of user account trough for instance misconfigured security questions. Nothing crazy there there are unfortunately examples everyday. Or assert ones identity to third parties like banks, phone operators, etc. It makes no sense to force people to communicate you this. I prefer finding other ways personally.

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Chatgpt is insanely popular and one can expect exploitation / scams and other kind of abuses to surf on that popularity. You seem to need this info but really its not clear why. Again you dont fall into kyc obligations and your addon is not age restricted

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Instead of accusing me of conspirationnism (funny, from my perspective, given my day to day occupation…) maybe you should rather defend your approach and explain us why your addon actually really needs the DOB to work - if most of other big addons does not. You say about checks and so on and quote KYC - but KYC is only applicable to financial activities / crypto. You are not at all into that. I’m sure with a little bit of effort you can understand the actual concern. Should you do this effort…

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@Romain_P I don’t know how this went side ways.

I wrote - read again above - that it is less intrusive than KYC,
it just the DOB and we use it for age verification.
and that means we DO NOT have KYC.

What do YOU know about our legal requirements and hassles we’ve gone thru in the past 3 months?

I assume you haven’t even read the AUP, have you?

So instead of labeling the monologue of your opinions here as facts, which they are not,
you could just ask for the reasons for age verification, and the answer to that is in the terms of the service.

I suggest you come back with educated questions, once you read all the legalese.

See also

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Thank you for your quick answer and link to this. Makes more sense with this document and additional post. Don’t take my interactions wrong. You havea different focus on what you do than users out there. Its only surprising to be using AIPRM and then discover this new requirements - i actually didnt see this info before the permission prompt. Lots of people develop thing out there around chatgpt - and lots of people using your app might be concerned to discover this by surprose as they might be in PR, marketing, media and other activities (liked with security obligations as per their company backend accounts…). Hope at least this thread will help at least others having themselves the same concern undrstand why you are asking this info…

Thank you.

Yes, some people are very concerned about various things - with good reason.

Our intention is to protect users, and the business of AIPRM, and requiring a linked account and prep for age verification is one step in that direction.

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Installing software from a company you don’t fully trust is the exact last thing you should ever do. Every page you visit may theoretically be reported, screne captured and then key-logged, and thats on any of the brower extensions that you already have browser extension. AIPRM ha stated clearly that they are not doing that with your DOB.

So by them being transparent to even if to see the age demographic of their users well, under your terms would be utterly absurd, illogical, and insane for a business to do that.
Pretty sure you don’t have to use them, but you did use google and they have your bday from your gmail, facebook, tiktok,or anything you have ordered online. and if you say that a new transparent program is asking for your DOB… well that is a bit silly no?

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Only a reptilian shapeshifter aware the entire space program is fake would say that.