Why I am THRILLED about upcoming PAID plans!

I have a rule of thumb in business: I will not invest money into a monthly subscription until the product has yielded positive results (ie. additional monthly revenue). I had to make this rule for myself because it’s too easy to sign up for paid subscriptions when you just want access to everything you think will be helpful for your business.

Similar to when ChatGPT offered a version and I didn’t hesitate to pay the $20/month, I have my credit card out and waiting for the premium AIPRM plan! Both of these amazing FREE products have catapulted my business :rocket: (ie. quadrupling revenue) and have allowed me to be an AI Education/Business Consultant using Prompt Engineering. If this is what I get from the free version, imagine what is possible by investing into a monthly subscription! :exploding_head::raised_hands:t4:

You get out what you put in. This is true for Prompt Engineering and it’s true for investing in products and businesses that are designed with the user receiving great benefit in mind.

You can check out my website and Magic Prompt below to see how I’m using this service to help my community achieve financial freedom. It’s been a life changer. In December my family was struggling to pay rent. We are now good months ahead. What a miracle! :raised_hands:t4:

One Click Course Creator :computer::point_up_2:t4:

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