Why is Chat GPT so sloooooow

Hi. I just upgraded to ChatGPT Team workspace but it’s painfully slow, i have now been waiting 20 min for a respond and after 30 min it’s still saying " reading Question"?? I can’t even access analythics, which was promised on the purchase page?? It is redicolous to be paying so much for this!! what has happened with Chat GPT?? It used to be lightning fast and now?? I have no words!!!

So, i have tested Chat Gpt on Microsoft Edge without AIPRM and it’s working great, its lightning fast to respond BUT when i use AIPRM it’s hanging “forever”. it has now passed one hour and Gpt is still “reading the queation” in Cogle chrome with AIPRM enabled. so, there is, to me at least, something wit hAIPRM that is causing this extreme delay, i might be wrong but so far it seem like this.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been facing such a long delay in getting a response from ChatGPT. It’s possible that there may be other browser extensions installed on your browser that are causing a conflict with AIPRM and ChatGPT:

I would recommend disabling all other browser extensions and trying again to see if that resolves the issue.

If the issue persists, we would appreciate it if you could share a screenshot or screen recording of the problem including the visible browser console via hello@aiprm.com. This will help us diagnose the issue more accurately and provide a solution as soon as possible.

Lastly, I would like to mention that while AIPRM is designed to enhance your experience with ChatGPT, it is operated by OpenAI Inc. and any issues related to the functionality or performance of ChatGPT itself may need to be addressed directly with them.