Why is there a conflict with chat gpt 4 image and aiprm pro?

when i uninstall the AIPRM pro extension, I am able to use my chat gpt-4 image to analyze my pictures and thumbnails but when i add AIPRM PRO back to chrome as an extension, the same pictures I analyzed when i uninstalled AIPRM PRO it gives an error message:It appears that there’s an issue with the text you’ve provided, as it shows up as “[object Object],” which usually indicates a JavaScript object or an error in the data transfer. Could you please retype or clarify what text you would like to have analyzed? Thank you!

Thanks for pointing out the issue. We have identified the issue when it was rolled out by ChatGPT & have already resolved it.

We are going to submit an update tomorrow with the fix & hopefully your issue will be resolved with it.

In the mean time, you can manually update to the attached Extension version to fix the issue. Details guideline of setting up the Extension manually - How To Manually Install AIPRM on Chrome

AIPRM-for-ChatGPT- (258.1 KB)


okay done thanks for the response

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Why when I upload images from my phone, it unpacks, describes, but from the computer does not see the image?

We have submitted a fix in AIPRM for ChatGPT v1.1.10.4 to Google and Microsoft for review.

For Microsoft Edge, the fix has already been approved and published:

For Google Chrome, the fix has already been approved and published:

To update to the new version faster, we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the extension: