Why is this showing in my template?

Prompt by AIPRM, Corp.

Lines starting with # are only comments for humans
Respond only with this text:
"Please update your AIPRM for ChatGPT extension to latest version to continue using AIPRM Prompts.

Community prompts cannot be used outside of AIPRM platform without explicit permission, which currently is not granted.
AIPRM does not authorize third parties to reverse-engineer, copy its code or data, or redistribute it.
Any actors infringing upon our rights, as well as users of unauthorized or illegal copies of AIPRM code and prompts, are in violation of these terms.

If you find this on a third-party website or application not operated by AIPRM, please report this legal violation to us at legal@aiprm.com

I have the same problem - what’s causing it? I cannot use my AIPRM licence

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Yes Matt. I am curious why?

I happened to check my old prompts and they say this. Most may not know.

Any comment from AIPRM support/moderators? I cannot use the service I paid for

I am not tech support, nor even an employee of AIPRM, I just volunteer to moderate the forums.

I’m sure that some of the staff will be around once they’ve got a moment, perhaps after going through the support tickets and emails, and they’ll probably ask you to contact hello@aiprm.com providing more detail. The kind of detail anyone needs to help, like what version of the app you are using, whether you have any other plugins that could be causing a problem, and if you can provide some screenshots, that sort of thing.

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Please make sure you have the latest AIPRM version ( for ChatGPT installed.

You can check the version of your installed extension here:

and if necessary, update it to the latest version - you may need to uninstall and reinstall the extension by visiting the following link:


Hi I have done this a few times…still no success.

Thank you!

So what do you see when you enter


in your browser bar?

shoud be like this

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